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Book analyzes high correlation between the monopolistic leader of crypto-currency market, Bitcoin, and its followers, so called altcoins. The first research question follows the everyday life situation of a younger brother, trying to imitate, follow, or even outrun his elder. Do alternative crypto-currencies follow the price development of their leader? Our book presents positive answer to this question, as analysis of all altcoins included in this paper (Litecoin, Ripple, Peercoin and Dogecoin) proved strong causality from the Bitcoin's point of view. Subsequently, we analyzed this relationship into deeper details for each currency, using vector autoregressive model and consecutive impulse-response function. In the second part of this book we build on our previous findings with the following research question. May the price development of altcoins be effectively predicted, based on the price development of bitcoin? In this regard, we used static forecast in combination with Diebold-Mariano test, evaluating forecasting accuracy. Book uses advanced econometric methods to help you better understand attractive crypto-currency market.

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The digital virtual communities have exploded in recent years – this phenomenon is enabled by social media and the changing world we live in. In some cases these communities have created their own currency for exchange of goods and services but it has expanded to outside their own circles and provide a new medium of exchange creating new digital virtual currencies that are changing the world. Bitcoin-Central is now the first Bitcoin exchange to become a bank with guarantee funds insured up to EU$100,000. This book explores the new digital currencies and how they are changing the world. When we were researching -The Deep Dark Web book we saw that some of the criminal elements were using this new currency Bitcoin but we also saw that legit business were also adapting to this new currency. We hope to help you learn what is happening with this new currency we cover -Who uses this currency -What are the financial aspect – Governments, Business, Merchants and Criminals. In all we hope to guide you with some of the question you have. This book will be an invaluable resource for cyber security professionals, financial policy-makers, business experts, lawyers, merchants, scholars, and researchers, this book provides a comprehensive research from a International cyber security perspective, technical, and financial implications of the new digital virtual currencies. Thomas Jefferson said: “I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restores to the people to whom it properly belongs”

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Trading on the financial markets requires the mastery of many subjects, from strategies and the instruments being traded to market structures and the mechanisms that drive executions. This second of four volumes explores them all. After brief explanations of the activities associated with buying and selling, the book covers principals, agents, and the market venues in which they interact. Next come the instruments that they buy and sell: how are they categorized and how do they act? Concluding the volume is a discussion about major processes and the ways that they vary by market and instrument. Contributing to these explanations are visual cues that guide readers through the material. Making profitable trades might not be easy, but with the help of this book they are possible.Explains the basics of investing and trading, markets, instruments, and processes. Presents major concepts with graphs and easily-understood definitions Builds upon the introduction provided by Book 1 while preparing the reader for Books 3 and 4

A former member of the American Stock Exchange introduces trading and financial markets to upper-division undergraduates and graduate students who are planning to work in the finance industry. Unlike standard investment texts that cover trading as one of many subjects, Financial Trading and Investing gives primary attention to trading, trading institutions, markets, and the institutions that facilitate and regulate trading activities-what economists call "market microstructure." The text will be accompanied by a website that can be used in conjunction with TraderEx, Markit, StocklinkU, Virtual Trade, Vecon Lab Experiment, Tradingsim, IB Student Trading Lab, Brenexa, Stock Trak and How the Market Works.Introduces the financial markets and the quantitative tools used in them so students learn how the markets operate and gain experience with their principal toolsHelps students develop their skills with the most popular trading simulation programs so they can reuse the book to solve day-to-day problems Stretches from investor behavior to hedging strategies and noise trading, capturing recent advances in an up-to-date reference source

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