The Basics of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

In the event that you are a newbie in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, you might need some guidance. Why is learning the basics of crypto so essential? Think of any other branch of knowledge. Everyone remembers the nuts and bolts of maths before trying to solve complex equations. The same goes for crypto money! Indeed, reasonings for the explicit training differ. Learning about cryptocurrency helps to:

  • Avoid scams;

  • Manage investments;

  • Increase profits.

The first necessary thing is self-reflection. Do you question your skillfulness when it comes to working with digital currencies? If so, consider expanding your expertise in a couple of ways. Luckily, modern times create countless opportunities for studying even from home! Hence, those who have a desire to learn may pursue their dreams. Read about a few knowledge sources down below!


What is the first source of information that comes to mind whenever you need to know something? Today, almost everybody surfs on the Internet before trying other possible methods.

Undeniably, the total digitalization of the world led to the supremacy of web pages as the most convenient teachers. So, anyone who only steps into the deep waters of the crypto world might stumble upon millions of links.

Of course, such a method possesses multiple advantages. To begin with, the info on thematic pages is almost unlimited. In case a user looks for the market capitalization of Dogecoin or the rate of ETH to Dollars everything is open! Truly, just a little research helps in understanding the basics of the cryptocurrency market.

Next, most sites that specialize in digital currencies have a straightforward structure. For instance, one of the most excellent representatives is CEX.IO. If you study their page, it becomes apparent that all the articles remain in specific groups for the sake of convenience. You can easily distinguish where to click in order to read about financial topics or unknown terms! CEX.IO has a knowledge base that appeals both to newcomers and more experienced players in the field. What is more, there is a margin trading platform that offers you a basic knowledge of technical and trading analysis and some useful tips on patterns and chart formations.

Another perk of websites for learning about cryptocurrencies is that most of them are free. Why do people consider free access to data a huge advantage? In a world where studying at university may cost thousands of dollars, self-education through the Internet becomes a life-saving solution.

Besides, websites always provide you with the freshest information, which is essential in the crypto field. Sure thing, exchange rates, and other tendencies change every hour, so you need to go online to keep up with the adjustments


Without a doubt, communication with more skillful people is the key to success when getting acquainted with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Thanks to numerous forums, the curious beginners have an opportunity to engage in conversations regarding Bitcoin or any other digital currency. Online discussions sometimes assist in:

  • Learning opinions of experts on multiple matters;

  • Getting a job in the crypto field;

  • Setting useful connections.

Indeed, a remarkable demonstration of a forum for crypto lovers is Reddit. You most likely know it as a place where people talk about everything imaginable. Consequently, discussions about virtual money take place there as well. Consider joining such forums to study the intricate details which other sources rarely give away.

Furthermore, forums allow more knowledgeable participants to share their professional experiences with newcomers. If you are lucky enough, you may learn something beyond the traditional book knowledge. In other words, the detailed descriptions of failures and successes allow avoiding the same mistakes. Such details are crucial at the beginning of everybody’s crypto journey.

Online courses

In the light of Bitcoin popularisation, universities begin implementing cryptocurrency courses. Obviously, such an approach extends the opportunities to become an expert in the field, but there is one major inconvenience. Getting into the university to purposefully learn about digital currencies is both expensive and time-consuming. These aspects scare off potential students, who feel that such requirements are too much for them.

Fortunately, some institutions of higher education offer online courses on cryptocurrency! Just think about the possibilities. You get the knowledge like when sitting in the lecture room, but you stay at home instead. In fact, a person can study anywhere as long as they have their computer.

What is more, there is a solution to the problem of payment. Some leading institutions provide their clients with crypto courses for free! One of the illustrations is Princeton University, which gives everybody free access to their online crypto course. However, you finish the set of lectures without any certificate. Keep that in mind. So, if you need an official paper to back up your competencies, look for other options.

Either way, online classes are an impressive method to learn the basics of the crypto world. You understand what digital money is, how cryptocurrencies work, and other essential data.


Provided that you are a visual learner, think about getting the necessary information through videos. By happy chance, the Internet is currently full of all sorts of documentaries and tutorials on the crypto market and crypto money. The authors often share common knowledge as well as their personal experience.

One of the largest sources of videos is YouTube. An essential perk is the comment section, where people exchange their ideas and express criticism. This way, you get a fuller view of the topics that interest you. Also, a viewer may subscribe to the useful channels and get the updates regularly.


Going to the library in the 21st century frequently seems a rather old-fashioned way of studying. Yet, if a person desires to self-study, getting good literature is a must. Favorably, there are lots of online libraries, as well as brick-and-mortar ones. As a result, everybody has the opportunity to download books about cryptocurrencies and blockchain to read them in their free time. Due to the expert rankings and critical reviews, you see which books are worth reading.

Final words

Generally speaking, there are numerous ways to study the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain nowadays. Everybody chooses the approach that caters to their taste the most. Regardless of your favorite form of learning, you may develop a suitable plan for extending your crypto knowledge.

This article was written by Julia Beyers.

About the Author:

Acquiring a wealth of experience in writing articles on trends and prospects for the development of the game industry in the world I’ve found myself as a Freelance Journalist. I am writing now about blockchain and cryptocurrencies trends, sometimes covering the importance of bitcoin for various other industries.

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